The IDEM Liner CCK (Clay-Coated Kraft) range of papers is a range of coated kraft papers intended to be siliconised by self-adhesive label producers and other processers. IDEM Liner CCK papers are smoothed with a unique soft-shell calender and a double layer of china clay to obtain excellent barrier properties to silicone. With IDEM’s consistent quality and their know-how in paper coating, IDEM Liner CCK papers represent an economical and reliable solution for siliconising.


  • Excellent siliconiseability.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • High stiffness.
  • Good scoring properties.
  • Excellent lay-flatness.
  • Available 2 sides-coated in weight 135 gsm.


Any application of siliconised paper and self-adhesives where good dimensional stability, high rigidity and sheet flatness are required; variable data printing, promotional labels, graphics, envelopes and industrial applications (construction, automobiles).

Grammage range

from 65 to 130 g/m2


  • Compatible with all siliconisation technologies: UV, emulsion, solvent, solvent-free.
  • Printing of the base side in offset, flexography, silk screen, heliogravure and letterpress.
  • Certified for food contact.
  • Complies with NF EN 71-3.
  • Available in FSC.