IDEM Superior - Reels

IDEM Superior brings you the highest reliability in the production of sets, pads or continuous forms and a wide range of services.


Environmental benefits

  • The use of a naturally occurring mineral, a modified china clay, for coating the front of the "CFB" and "CF".
  • FSC® certified products available on request.
  • Reliable gluing with a self-separating aqueous-based glue.

Competitive benefits

  • A consistent quality.
  • Excellent fanapart gluing.
  • A high intensity copy.
  • A wide range of delivery options.
  • An extensive production program.
  • Dedicated sales forces.
  • An experienced technical service.
  • Numerous tints and grammages for increased application possibilities.


  • Reel to reel, reel to sheet or reel to pack.
  • Our paper can be used with IDEM fanapart adhesive and IDEM desensitizing ink.


IDEM Superior has been specifically designed for offset printing and typography. It is also suitable for water based inkjet printing and “Xerox Coldfusion” laser printing.


  • Idem Superior CB 80
    High whiteness paper for documents with high added value such as sales or insurance contracts.
  • Idem Superior CB 90 & CF 90 OCR
    Paper which is designed for optical recognition of printed characters.
  • Idem Superior CFB 43
    Ultra-light paper for the production of sets with a high number of sheets (up to seven copies).
  • Idem Superior CF 125 & CF 170
    Lightweight boards :
    • to make covers, for example for insurance contracts or banking forms.
    • to provide a better stiffness for forms that are handled a lot such as transport documents or forms for garage maintenance.
    • CF 170 blocks the transfer of the copy from one set to another when they are collated in a pad or a file.