IDEM Digital - Reels

IDEM Digital is a carbonless paper specifically created for the production of rotary offset pre-printed forms and laser printer customized forms. 


  • The grammage of the paper has been reduced to 80 gsm for all three grades. This reduction means that you save on materials, so that your chosen product is more economical and more ecologically-friendly.
  • A new and even more effective coating formulation has been created. Our product is even more suitable for digital printing:
    • Less maintenance of printing equipment
    • More user-friendly
    • Increased productivity

Final applications

Contracts, clinical trial forms, transport documents, invoices, credit applications forms and any other legal document. 

Benefits of laser printing with IDEM Digital

  • Greater versatility of carbonless forms which can now be customized by numbers, bar codes and other variable data.
  • Print on demand.

Why IDEM Digital?

IDEM Digital, with its specific characteristics, satisfies the conditions of laser printing.

A traditional carbonless paper is not compatible for laser printing, for the following reasons:

  • High likelihood of jams.
  • Low toner adhesion.
  • Incompatibility with transfer rolls, fusing units and the photoreceptive drums of laser printers, which reduces their lifespan.
  • Unpleasant emissions due to the high temperature.

Competitive benefits of IDEM Digital

  • No jams.
  • Excellent adhesion to toner.
  • No damage to the equipment neither at the drum or the laser machine rubber.
  • No unpleasant smell.
  • A FSC® Mix Sources certification for responsible forest management.


IDEM Digital has been specifically designed for laser printers and copiers no matter the document has been offset pre-printed or not. It is also compatible with digital presses from Xerox, Kodak and many desktop laser systems.