Carbonless Papers

You need one or more copies? IDEM carbonless papers reproduce an image, text or a signature from one sheet to another thanks to the applied pressure of a pencil, a pen, etc. Carbon paper is not required for duplication. This type of paper is ideal for the production of purchase orders, invoices and other documents for which a copy is required.

Your benefits

  • Customer relationship
    Your customer signs only once.
  • Environment
    Thanks to its low weight, the carbonless paper consumes less energy per m2.
  • Speed
    Up to seven copies made instantly.
  • Precision
    No transcription errors.
  • Security
    Any alteration of the copy will be visible.
  • Independence
    Carbonless paper can be used anywhere: no need for a computer or a power supply.
  • Effectiveness
    The availability of different colours means you can organize yourself better.
  • Traceability
    Your documents can be numbered or have barcodes.
  • Cost
    Thanks to its low weight, you can save storage space and reduce postage costs.