10/05/2017 Idempapers builds its future

The PRJ is an essential step in pursuing the development of a new structure for the paper company.

PRJ: Procedure of Re-organization under Juridical control.
On December 13, 2016, the Company filed a request to obtain the protection status provided by the Legal Procedure of Reorganization under Juridical Control.
On that day, a Delegated Judge was nominated to monitor the process : Mr. Olivier DEWULF.   
On December 22, 2016, the Court for Commerce of Walloon Brabant (Nivelles) analysed the request and acted the PRJ status to the Company until March 13, 2017.
On that day, 2 legal representatives were nominated with the responsibility to transfer the company assets: MM. Rodolphe de SAN et Thomas VULHOPP.
The duration of the procedure, originally planned for 3 months, has been extended several times and extend today till June 12, 2017. This procedure can be extended further.
For additional information, please contact :   

   Mr Olivier DEWULF: olivier.dewulf@okdo.be
   Maître Rodolphe de SAN: rodolphe.desan@dsv-law.be
   Maître Thomas VULLHOP: tv@dsv-law.be

12/10/2016 Idempapers SA announces a price increase for carbonless papers in the UK Market

Idempapers SA, manufacturer of the well known “Idem” brand, is announcing a price increase for its carbonless products in sheets.

Despite the price increases already implemented during the past months, the volatile UK currency has impacted our margins and we are forced to implement a further price correction. The today Pound/Euro Exchange Rate is more than 20% lower than it used be a year ago.

Consequently, Idempapers SA is announcing a price increase on carbonless sheets up to 5%, effective for all deliveries from 14th November 2016. The sales team will shortly be contacting all customers to discuss with them the details of this increase.

Carbonless Sales Contact: Stéphane Laly - Ph. +32 (0) 492 72 57 85 - stephane.laly@idempapers.com