“Through innovation and operational excellence, we want to maintain our position as the recognized European leader in the carbonless paper market and to become a leading supplier in the niche markets of high value-added coated papers”

Thanks to its operational excellence, Idempapers follows an ongoing process of continuous improvement to serve its customers, the quality of its products, its rigorous management and the hunt of all inefficiencies. The company also wants to be innovative in developing new products and new collaborations, in close partnership with its customers.

Our leadership in carbonless paper is historically acknowledged and with our quality, we want to fortify this position every day. Since its inception, the company has built on this strong foundation and has embarked on a strategy of diversification through the development and marketing of coated products with high added value in specific market niches.

Idempapers relies on five strategic pillars to achieve its mission:

To build, with our customers, long-term relationships of trust thanks to a supply of high quality products and optimized service. To develop new lines of coated products in partnership with our customers. Continue to improve our processes, our products and our practices. Reinforce a culture of prevention and prediction thanks to optimal use of raw materials, better control of the rate of waste and the lost time for breakdowns, and optimal use of CMMS. Consolidate cost efficiency and long-term profitability to sustain the business (optimal purchasing and use of raw materials, controlling energy costs, serious investment planning, spending in a responsible fashion, etc.). To build an SME spirit, to animate the work-force and enrol everybody in a process of cultural change and adherence to the new industrial plan. Develop a strong safety culture, present in everyone's mind at all times. Build on the investments in cogeneration, FSC certification, energy accounting, waste reduction and optimization of logistics for a socially responsible approach.