Papers & Solutions

Idempapers SA is the producer of the IDEM brand, well known not only in the carbonless papers sector but also in high added value specialty papers (paper labels, posters and paper bases for silicone coating). IDEM products have been known for many years for their quality and reliability. With IDEM, you can find these benefits across our entire range.

In order to provide a better service, IDEM products are sold through two dedicated sales teams:

  • IDEM carbonless papers are sold by the "Carbonless Papers Sales Team" which mainly sells its products through paper merchants who are leaders in their markets.
  • Specialty papers are sold by a dedicated "Specialty Papers Sales Team" which usually sells its label papers and base papers for silicone coating directly to processors and printers, and via specialist distributors for its Digital Posters range.

To order samples

Idempapers will send you A4 samples upon request.  Please let us know which qualities you would like on our contact form and we will deliver them as soon as possible.