To remain at the forefront in quality and service, IdemPapers has a unique paper production centre based in Virginal with two paper lines with unique features such as different coating technologies and calendering, all in an inline process. IdemPapers also has a fully automated logistic centre and a production unit for microcapsules in Nivelles.

Much more than a paper producer, IdemPapers SA also wants to be an environmentally responsible player. Amongst our achievements, we can include:

  • FSC certification.
  • A 90% reduction in CO2 emissions for internal transport thanks to a logistic optimization.
  • The establishment in November 2010 of a co-generation unit to produce a significant portion of our electricity needs by recovering steam.
  • A policy of aggressive investment to improve the manufacturing process by generating less waste and by reintegrating in the process the majority of unavoidable waste.