If we want our company to perform well, it is essential that our values and strategic axes are related.

The values of our company build our new SME culture. Defining our values means establishing our priorities and aligning our behaviour with our ambitions.

The 5 values of Idempapers are :

We seek the best possible service to our internal and external customers, we strive to understand their needs, share information and collaborate positively. We understand our roles and responsibilities and are committed to carry them out to our best ability. We take responsibility for our words, our actions and decisions. We support and value initiative. We commit ourselves to the objectives of the company and foster cooperation between departments. We guarantee the sustainability of our position and share our knowledge for the benefit of everyone. We want to understand the effect of changes, are flexible and open to challenge and align ourselves toward continuous improvement. We are honest and have integrity and we respect everyone’s words and actions. We believe in the positive contribution that everyone can make to the company's results.